Game Concept Example: Space Business Tycoon

This is a Game Concept I created in 2015 for a web browser game. Use this example as a template to write one for your own game. I didn’t create any game from this concept. Only this document, and a marketing landing page that you can see at this url: Space Business tycoon.

Game Concept

A free-to-play browser based space business tycoon. Choose your nation, build a business empire and compete with other players to lead humanity’s expansion throughout the Space.

Key Features

  • Massively Multiplayer persistent Solar system.
  • Space Business empire Management. Company progression via different economic sectors. Tourism, Science, launchers, industrialists (manufacturers), finance (insurance, investments,loans) or questers (Subsidies, prizes).
  • Alliance System. Players can unite efforts via a corporation and nation alliances, international organizations (ESA) and diplomacy.
  • Social Projects. All faction players can help to get a Nation advantage or achievement. All the players have to push Technology and Science to go beyond new space frontiers.
  • Free-to-play in any browser and no downloads.

Player motivation

The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program.

You take the role of an entrepreneur in the Space industry. You establish a startup and grow to an empire business. Use your business skills to make a profit at any or all market segments of the space industry, and help humanity conquer the space. Will you be the next Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Paul Allen or Richard Branson?


Space Business SIM. Tycoon game. Grand Strategy.

Target customer

People who love space exploration, astronomy, and Tycoon games.


Target hardware/Platform

Web browsers.


Phosphorus, antimony, zinc, silver, gold, copper and rare earths are key elements needed for modern industry and food production. These resources could be depleted on Earth in the year 2060 due to the growing consumption in both developed and developing countries.

As our population grows (10 billions at 2050), exhausted fishable stocks and shortages of phosphate (affects crop growth), could cause starvation. So we need to find a sustainable supply of natural resources to fuel exploration in space and prosperity on earth.
Private spaceflight companies and governments through their space agencies are investing to build the necessary infrastructures to gain control over the space resources and exploit them economically.

Also, the list of governments that provide funding to develop a local space industry has begun to quickly increase in the form of Business Incubation Centres (BIC) and Aerospace Clusters.

Apply to a Business Incubation Centre and take advantage of this great opportunity to make it big in space tech business.