2022 Hextory roadmap

Apart from the monthly development report for patrons, I think that it could be very interesting to show a public roadmap of the game progress on the concept, design and development phases. So you can check the Board with the public roadmap at this page: Hextory public roadmap.

If you have any questions or comments about items on the roadmap, you can share them via Github Hextory discussions.

The two options I considered were Trello y Github Issues, so let’s talk a bit about these tools.

Trello or Github Issues

As you can see, if you have visited the page that contains the Roadmap, I have chosen to use Github Issues to show the project Roadmap and get direct feedback. The goal is to show the workflow in the form of the typical board used in agile methodologies.

You can see a super complete example of the public Roadmap from Github itself: Github public roadmap. This is the roadmap that I will take as an example to create the Hextory roadmap.

The main reason for choosing Github Issues over Trello is that I’ll be using Github to host the game code repositories. Therefore, it is a plus to be able to have everything integrated in the same place. On the other hand, it is no longer possible in Trello to allow comments to be added to the cards, which greatly limits communication by people who support the project.

If you work with Bitbucket to manage your code repositories, I would recommend Trello, since Bitbucket and Trello are integrated. An example of Trello being used as a public roadmap board is as follows: Arkius.

From the template system of this tool you can find other examples that can better suit your needs. In my case, the two templates I liked the most are the following:

Q1 2022

  • Character generator design document
  • Races, cultures and bestiary ecology design document
  • Nation/Domain Building design document
  • RPG hex template generator tool
  • Character generator prototype

Q2 2022

  • Hex Map generator design document
  • Loot and treasures design document
  • Game economy / Tokenomics design document
  • Tiled hex map Generator prototype
  • Tiled hex map NFT prototype
  • Character NFT prototype

Q3 2022

  • Battle system design document
  • Hexcrawl system design document
  • Nation building prototype

Q4 2022

  • Contested planes design document
  • Tale/History Generation design document
  • Hexcrawl prototype

Q1 2023

  • Lore
  • Tokenomics / Whiteparer done
  • Hextory game alpha
  • Contested planes prototype (Multiplayer)

Q2 2023

  • Marketplace
  • Alpha planes sale
  • Alpha launch
  • Hextory game beta

Q3 2023

  • Beta launch

Q4 2023

  • Game release